Majestic Red Carrot


Majestic Red carrots are an imperator type of carrot that are excellent for bunching and packing with strong tops for mechanical harvesting. They are long and slightly tapered, deep orange in color. This carrot is early maturing and gives a high yield.


Translations: Majestic Red Burkānu, Majestic Red morka, Majestic Red Morcov, Majestic Red mrkva, Majestic Red Wortel, राजसी लाल गाजर, Majestic Red Cenoura, Мажестик Красный Морковь, Majestic Red Καρότο, مهيب الجزر الأحمر, 마제스틱 레드 당근, Majestic Červený Carrot, Majestic Merah Wortel, Marilag Red karot, 雄伟壮观的红胡萝卜, Majestic Xarxa Pastanaga, Majestic Red Korenček, Majestic Červený Carrot, Majestic Carrot Red, סטיק אדום גזר, Majestic Red Morot, Мајестиц Црвена мрква, マジェスティックレッドキャロット, Majestic carotte rouge, Majestic Red Gulerod, Majestic Red Zanahoria, Мажестік Червоний Морква, Majestic Red Porkkana, Majestic Червен Морков



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