Malmsey Madeira


There are four major types of Madeira (ranging from sweet to dry) and named according to the grape variety used. Malmsey (the driest of the Madeiras) has its fermentation halted when its sugars are between 3.5 to 6.5 Baum. This style of wine is characterized by its dark color, rich texture with coffee-caramel flavors. Like other Madeira's made from the noble grape varieties, the Malvasia grape used in Malmsey production has naturally high levels of acidity in the wine which balances with the high sugar levels so that the wines do not taste cloying sweet.


Translations: Malvāzija Madeira, Malvazija Madeira, Rượu nho ở hy lạp Madeira, Małmazją Madeira, एक प्रकार की लाल शराब Madeira, Малмси Мадейра, Οίνος μονεμβασίας Μαδέρα, Malmsey ماديرا, 달콤한 백포도주 마데이라, Malvaz Madeira, 马姆马德拉, Malvasía de Madeira, Malvazijo Madeira, Malvaz Madeira, Malvasia di Madeira, MALVASIR Madeira, Малвазија Мадеира, マルムジーマデイラ, Malvoisie de Madère, Malvasia de Madeira, Малмсі Мадейра, Малвазия Мадейра



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