Empire Apple


The Empire apple is a deep red crispy, medium size, juicy, sweet but mildly tart apple hybrid grown by crossing a Delicious and a McIntosh apple, and is great for snacking as well as for salads, baking or other cooking needs.


Translations: Imperiul Apple, Carstva Apple, Đế chế của Apple, Apple imperium, Rijk Apple, एप्पल साम्राज्य, Império Apple, Империя Apple, Αυτοκρατορία της Apple, امبراطورية أبل, 제국 애플, Říše Apple, Kekaisaran Apple, 苹果帝国, Imperi d'Apple, Ríše Apple, האימפריה אפל, Царство јабука, 帝国アップル, Imperio de Apple, Імперія Apple, Apple империя



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