Amaranth Flakes


Amaranth flakes are a type of breakfast cereal grain that are naturally gluten free, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. This cereal also contains a unique balance of amino acids that is unlike similar grains.

Amaranth flakes can be mixed with other cereal grains or added to baked goods, nutitional bars, desserts and more.


Translations: Amarants Pārslas, Amaranth Dribsniai, Fulgi de ştir, Amarant pahuljice, Rau dền Flakes, Płatki amarantusa, ऐमारैंथ गुच्छे, Амарант хлопья, قطيفة رقائق, 아마란스 플레이크, Amaranth vločky, Serpihan bayam, Amaranto natuklap, 苋菜片, Kosmiči Amarant, Amaranth vločky, Amaranto Fiocchi, ירבוז פתיתי, Амарантх пахуљицама, アマランスフレーク, Flocons Amaranth, Амарант пластівці, Амарантът стърготини



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