Akoya Pearl Oyster


The akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster used in pearl culture today, so akoya pearls also tend to be small, ranging in size from about 2 to 11 millimeters. They also tend to be the most consistently round and near-round pearls, making them ideal in terms of matching for multi-pearl jewelry such as strands and bracelets.They are generally white or cream colored, with overtone colors of rose, silver, or cream.


Translations: Akoya pērlene, あこや真珠オイスター, Akoya perluotė, اكويا محار اللؤلؤ, Akoye perlorodka, Акоыа Бисерница, Akoya 진주 굴, Akoya perlorodka, Akoya פרל אויסטר, Akoya жемчужница, Akoya talaba, Akoya पर्ल कस्तूरा, Akoya перлові скойки, 海水珍珠牡蛎, Akoya Helmisimpukat, Akoya бисерна мида



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