White-Lip Oyster


Large oysters found in the waters around Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan, and producing good-sized South Sea cultured pearls whose tints include silver-white, pink and cream.


Translations: Balts-lūpu Oyster, White-Lūpų Oyster, Alb-Lip Oyster, Bijela-Lip Oyster, Biało-Lip Oyster, सफेद होंठ कस्तूरा, Oyster Branco-Lip, Белый губ Ойстер, Λευκό-Lip Oyster, بيضاء شفة المحار, 화이트 립 굴, White-rty Oyster, White-Lip Tiram, White-labi talaba, 白唇牡蛎, Oyster-Llavi Blanc, White-pery Oyster, Oyster White-Lip, לבן שפתיים אויסטר, Бело-усне Каменица, ホワイトリップオイスター, Oyster White-lèvres, Hvid-Lip Oyster, Oyster-Labio Blanco, Білий губ Ойстер, Бялата устни стриди



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