Rose Geranium


Highly fragrant rose geranium leaves smell intoxicatingly of roses. Their strong, perfumed scent is used in baking, infusions and for flavoring beverages. The light pink 5-petaled flower can have tinges of maroon coloring. Rose geranium has been cultivated to smell like lemon, peppermint and even musk. Rose geranium plants like full sun and warmer climates.


Other names: Lilac Rose, Cinnamon Rose, Charity, Robers Lemon Rose, Rose Of Bengal, Old Fashioned Rose, Lady Plymouth
Translations: Rose ģerāniju, ローズゼラニウム, وارتفعت المسك, Роза Герань, Ruža Geranium, Rose Chi Mỏ hạc, רוז גרניום, Ружа Гераниум, Geranium Rose, 로즈 제라늄, Rose geranyum, गुलाब geranium, Geranio Rosa, Rose gerânio, 玫瑰天竺葵, Rosengeranium, Роза Герань, Gerani Rosa, Rose здравец

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