Carte Noir Clementine


The Carte noir is a Moroccan variety also known as 'Bekria'. It is a low-acidity early clementine variety. The pulp is fairly juicy and seedless, with a soft-textured and a pale orange color.


Translations: Carte Noir Clémentine, アラカルトノワールクレメンタイン, الخريطة نوير كليمنتين, Carte Noir Clémentine, Carte Clementine Noir, Carte Noir Klementina, Clementine carte Noir, קארט קלמנטינה נואר, Carte Noir Климента, 요리 누아 와인 클레멘 타인, Carte puti Clementine, कार्टे Clementine Noir, Carte Noir Климента, 零点比诺克莱芒蒂娜, Царте Ноир Клементина, Noir Carte Клементин



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