Blackeyed Peas


Blackeyed Peas or Beans, originally native to Africa are grown and used around the world. These peas are characterised by white skin and flesh, and black center spot.

Blackeyed peas are essential ingredients in Asian, Caribbean, Portugese, Vietnamese, Greek, North and South American cuisine. They are thought to bring good luck if eaten on New Year's Day.


Other names: Blackeyed Beans
Translations: Blackeyed Zirņi, Blackeyed Žirniai, Blackeyed Mazăre, Blackeyed Grašak, Erwten Blackeyed, Blackeyed मटर, Blackeyed Μπιζέλια, Blackeyed البازلاء, Blackeyed 말린 완두콩, Blackeyed Hrách, Блацкеиед Пеас, Blackeyed mga gisantes, Blackeyed豆豆, Blackeyed Grah, Blackeyed Hrach, Blackeyed Piselli, Blackeyed Ärter, Blackeyed kapri, ブラックアイドピーズ, Blackeyed Pois, Blackeyed Ærter, Blackeyed herneet, Blackeyed Грах



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