Atlantic Cutlassfish


The Atlantic cutlassfish, or ribbonfish as they are usually called in Texas, have no scales. Instead, their long, tapered bodies are covered with shiny, metallic silver skin. The body conformation is cutlass-like, tapering from the head to a pointed tail.


Translations: Atlantijas Cutlassfish, Atlanto Kalavijinės, Cutlassfish Đại Tây Dương, Atlantic Pałaszowate, Atlantische Haarstaarten, अटलांटिक Cutlassfish, Atlântico Trichiuridae, Атлантический Cutlassfish, Ατλαντικού Cutlassfish, الأطلسي Cutlassfish, 대서양 Cutlassfish, Atlantik Cutlassfish, Atlantik Cutlassfish, 大西洋Cutlassfish, Atlàntic Cutlassfish, Atlantik Cutlassfish, Atlantic sciabola, אטלנטיק Cutlassfish, Atlanten Cutlassfish, Атлантиц Цутлассфисх, アトランティックタチウオ, Atlantique sabre, Atlántico Cutlassfish, Атлантичний Cutlassfish, Част на Атлантическия океан Cutlassfish



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