Prestige Cuve


The Cuvee Prestige is composed of 90%% Malbec, 5%% Merlot and 5%% Tannat, a grape that is also used in Argentina, but is far more prominent in Uruguay.

Argentina blends Malbec too. The most striking that I have tasted recently was Cavas de Weinert, Mendoza 1999, from Bodega Weinert.


Translations: プレスティージ醸造おけ, هيبة Cuve, Prestige Cuvée, 프레스 티지 Cuve, Uy tín Cuve, יוקרה Cuve, Престиж Цуве, TOWERS Cuve, Prestisje Cuve, प्रतिष्ठा Cuve, Престиж Cuve, 珍贵Cuve, Престиж Cuve, Prestige Cuvée, Престиж Cuve



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