Nemagold Sweet Potato


Nemagold is an orange fleshed sweet potato variety. They can be baked, steamed, boiled, microwaved, pureed or fried. In Japan they use sweet potato to make icecream. According to a survey done at Cambridge University, Australia who cultivated these potatoes for reasearch purposes claims it has the highest taste panel among stored food items.


Translations: Nemagold Sweet Kartupeļu, Nemagold Saldžiosios bulvės, Nemagold de cartofi dulci, Nemagold slatki krumpir, Nemagold Zoete aardappel, Nemagold मीठे आलू, Nemagold Batata Doce, Nemagold Sweet картофеля, Nemagold Γλυκοπατάτα, Nemagold البطاطا الحلوة, Nemagold 고구마, Nemagold Sweet brambor, Nemagold Ubi Jalar, Nemagold kamote, Nemagold甘薯, Nemagold Camote, Nemagold Sweet zemiakov, Nemagold patata dolce, Nemagold בטטה, Немаголд Слатки кромпир, Nemagoldサツマイモ, Nemagold de patates douces, Nemagold Camote, Nemagold Sweet картоплі, Nemagold Bataatti, Nemagold сладки картофи



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