Bluestem Papaya


Papaya is cultivated for its ripe fruits, favored by tropical people, as breakfast fruit, and as an ingredient in jellies, preserves, or cooked in various ways; juice makes a popular beverage; young leaves, shoots, and fruits cooked as a vegetable. Hermaphroditic cvs include the Bluestem.


Translations: Bluestem Παπάγια, Bluestem Papajos, Bluestem الببايا, Bluestem Papaye, ブルーステムパパイヤ, Bluestem 파파야, Bluestem đu đủ, Bluestem פפאיה, Блустем Папайя, Bluestem Pepaya, Bluestem पपीता, Блустем Папайя, 布鲁斯特姆木瓜, Блуестем Папаја, Bluestem Папая



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