Blue Passion Flower


An extremely fast growing, hardy passionflower producing egg-shaped orange fruits with deep red pulp. Considered tasty though not as tasty as the purple passion fruit. Flowers are ornate, multi-colored, with a minty scent much like the fruit of the pineapple guava.


Translations: Μπλε λουλούδι πάθους, الزرقاء زهرة العاطفة, Blue mučenky, Blau Flor de la Passió, Fleur de la Passion Bleu, Pasiune floare albastru, Plavi cvijet Passion, Blue mučenky, Męczennica Blue, Blue Цветок Страсти, 블루 열정 꽃, ブルーパッションフラワー, ब्लू जुनून फ्लॉवर, כחול פרח התשוקה, Blue Квітка Пристрасті, 蓝花的激情, Blå Passion Flower, Плава Страст цвет, Azul Flor de la Pasión, Синята Страст Цвете



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