Champagne-Style Beer


"One of the newest and most interesting styles of beer, the Bière de Champagne has much potential within the beer industry as a top-shelf crossover beer. Primarily brewed in Belgium, these beers typically undergo a lengthy maturation. Some are even cave-aged in the Champagne region of France and are then subjected to remuage and dégorgement, which is the "methode de champenoise" process of removing yeast from the bottle. Most are delicate, high in alcohol, highly carbonated and sometimes spiced. Color can range from very pale to dark hues."

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Other names: Biere De Champagne, Biere Brut
Translations: Champagne-Style alus, Šampanė-stilių Alus, Champagne-Stil Bere, Champagne-Style piva, Bia Champagne-Style, Champagne-stil Beer, Cerveja Champagne-Style, Шампань-Style пива, الشمبانيا على غرار البيرة, 샴페인 스타일의 맥주, Шампањ-Стил пива, 香槟式啤酒, Cervesa Xampanya-Estil, Birra Champagne-Style, Champagne-Style באר, Champagne-Gaya Beer, シャンパーニュスタイルのビール, Bière Champagne-Style, शैम्पेन शैली बीयर, Cerveza Champaña-Estilo, Шампань-Style пива, Шампан-Стил Бира



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