Golden Kiwi


A 2-4" long, oval, brown skinned, hairy fruit with juicy, golden-yellow, acidic sweet flesh.


Other names: Hinabelle
Translations: Golden Ακτινίδια, Aukso Kiwi, ذهبية الكيوي, Kiwi de Aur, Zlatni Kivi, הזהב קיווי, 黄金奇异果, 골든 키위, Golden ibon ng kiwi, गोल्डन कीवी, Золотые Киви, Золоті Ківі, ゴールデンキウイ, Златна киви, Златни Kiwi

Physical Description

Gold Kiwi have a smooth, bronze skin, a pointed cap at one end and distinctive golden yellow flesh.

Colors: Yellow flesh, Bronze skin

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet
Substitutes: Green kiwifruit

Preparation and Use

The skin is edible. It can be eaten whole if cleaned.



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