Yardlong Beans


Yardlong beans are from a variety of cowpeas that grow in vines. They are tropical and is widely grown in Asia, Thailand and Southeastern Asia. They begin to form 60 days after sowing, hang in pairs and are best picked before they reach full maturity.

Yardlong beans are sometimes cut into short sections for cooking, and they are often used in stir fries in Chinese cuisine.

Yardlong beans are a good source of protein, vitamins A & C, Iron and Folate.


Other names: Garter Bean, Chinese Long Bean, Snake Bean, Asparagus Bean
Translations: Yardlong Pupas, Yardlong Pupelės, Yardlong Fasole, Yardlong grah, Yardlong Fasola, Yardlong Bonen, Yardlong बीन्स, Feijão-chicote, Yardlong фасоль, Yardlong Φασόλια, Yardlong الفول, Yardlong 콩, Yardlong Fazole, Kacang Panjang Kacang, Yardlong beans, Yardlong豆, Yardlong frijoles, Fižol Yardlong, Yardlong Fazuľa, Yardlong Fagioli, Yardlong שעועית, Yardlong Bönor, Иардлонг Пасуљ, Yardlongビーンズ, Haricots Yardlong, Yardlong Bønner, Yardlong Frijoles, Yardlong квасоля, Yardlong Pavut, Yardlong Фасул



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