Chenin Blanc Grapes


Chenin Blanc is grown all over the world, most famously in France's Loire Valley. In the Loire it produces everything form dry to sweet to sparkling wines. Some of the most profound, ageworthy dry and sweet white wines come from this region. You can also find Chenin Blanc in California (usually bulk sweet wines) and in South Africa, where the quality and diversity of Chenin is second only to the Loire Valley.


Translations: Chenin Blanc vīnogām, Chenin Blanc vynuogių, Struguri Chenin Blanc, Chenin Blanc grožđa, Winogrona Chenin Blanc, Chenin Blanc druiven, Chenin ब्लांक अंगूर, Uvas Chenin Blanc, Шенен Блан виноград, Σταφύλια Chenin Blanc, Chenin بلان العنب, Chenin 블랑 포도, Chenin Blanc, Chenin Blanc Anggur, Chenin Blanc ubas, 白诗南葡萄, Els raïms Chenin Blanc, Chenin Blanc Grozdje, Chenin Blanc, Chenin בלאן ענבי, Chenin Blanc Druvor, Цхенин Блан Грожђе, シュナンブラン葡萄, Chenin Blanc Cépages, Chenin Blanc Trauben, Chenin Blanc Druer, Chenin Blanc Druer, Las uvas Chenin Blanc, Шенен Блан виноград, Chenin Blanc Viinirypäleet, Chenin Блан Гроздето

Tasting Notes

Food complements: Goat cheese



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