Autumn King Carrot


approximate root length: 30cms (12 inches). An excellent maincrop variety with long, large, high quality conical roots with a fine, even internal colour. Highly recommended for eating fresh or for winter storage.


Translations: Rudens King Burkānu, Rudens King Carrot, Toamna Regele Morcov, Jesen King mrkva, Thu King Carrot, Marchew King Autumn, Herfst King Wortel, शरद ऋतु के राजा गाजर, Autumn Cenoura King, Осень короля Морковь, Φθινόπωρο Καρότο King, الخريف الملك الجزر, 가을 킹 캐롯, Podzimní král Carrot, Јесен Краљ мрква, Autumn King karot, 秋王胡萝卜, Tardor Pastanaga Rei, Jesen King Korenček, Jesenné kráľ Carrot, Autunno King Carrot, סתיו גזר המלך, Hösten Kung Morot, Autumn Raja Wortel, オータムキングキャロット, Carrot roi d'automne, Efterår King Carrot, Høst King Carrot, Otoño Zanahoria Rey, Осінь короля Морква, Syksy King Porkkana, Есен цар Морков



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