Shaggy Mane Mushroom


The shaggy mane can be used in a variety of cooked dishes, including soups and stews, because the fungus is quite sturdy. Shaggy manes are frequently found in disturbed ground, and the edges of dirt roads can produce many mushrooms. In the Rocky Mountains, Coprinus comatus can be seen from the car during monsoon season by simply driving four-wheel-drive roads and keeping an eye on the roadsides.


Other names: Shaggy Mane
Translations: Pinkains Mane Sēņu, Shaggy Mane Grybavimas, Shaggy Mane ciuperci, Shaggy Mane gljiva, Shaggy Mane nấm, टहनीदार माने मशरूम, Shaggy Mushroom Mane, Shaggy Мане грибов, Δασύτριχος Μανέ Μανιτάρια, أشعث الفطر ماني, 얽히고 설킨 갈기 버섯, Shaggy Mane hub, Balbon kiling kabute, 沙吉梅恩蘑菇, Shaggy Mane bolets, Shaggy Griva Mushroom, Shaggy Mane húb, Shaggy Mane Fungo, שאגי מאנה פטריות, Испуцао Мане гљива, シャギーメインキノコ, Shaggy champignons Mane, Raggete Mane Mushroom, Shaggy Mane setas, Shaggy Мане грибів, Шаги Мане гъби



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