Friulano Cheese


Friulano is the name of a cow's milk cheese made in Canada that has a firm yellow flesh and a nutty taste. It is named after the Friuli region of Italy and is sometimes called Italian Cheddar.


Other names: Furlano or Montasio
Translations: Friulano Siers, Friulano Sūriai, Friulano Brânză, Friulano sira, Friulano Kaas, Friulano पनीर, Friulano Queijo, Friulano сыра, Friulano Τυρί, فريولانو الجبن, Friulano 치즈, Friulano Sýry, Friulano Keju, Friulano奶酪, Friülès Formatge, Friulano Sir, Friulano Syry, Friulano Formaggio, Friulano גבינה, Friulano Ost, Фриулано сир, Friulanoチーズ, Friulano fromage, Friulano Queso, Friulano сиру, Friulano Juusto, Friulano сирене

Physical Description

It is aged in blocks, covered with its natural, light yellow rind, it is sometimes sold rindless. It is a firm, supple cheese with tiny holes.

Colors: Yellow, cream

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Mild
Mouthfeel: Creamy
Food complements: Fruits, Crackers, Bread
Wine complements: Chardonnay, Dry red wine
Substitutes: Other mild cheeses

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Fresh smelling and looking, best with rind on. Check expiration date and make sure it is made in Canada.
Buying: In cheese and gourmet stores or on line. Available in whole, baby, sliced and deli form.
Procuring: Cheese is made from cows milk by curdling, draining, pressing, and ripening.

Preparation and Use

An excellent table cheese, it lends itself perfectly to grating and is particularly suitable for snacks and sandwiches. Grated and mixed with Ricotta, it is great in cannelloni. At a tasting, all its qualities will be better appreciated if you serve a young, a medium and a sharp Friulano with fresh fruit, nuts and a good red wine. It’s also surprising with a fragrant and cool white wine.

Conserving and Storing

Keep the cheese refrigerated wrapped and in the lower section of the refrigerator until ready for use and if desired, allow it to sit a room temperature for an hour before serving.


The cheese is made in Canada.

History: Friulano owes its name to the magnificent region Frioul in Italy.



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