Lemon Verbena


Lemon verbena leaves are useful if a cook wants to add a lemon-like taste to meat, fish, vegetables, marinades, dressings, jams and preservatives, soups, desserts, and drinks. Lemon verbena can also be used in herbal teas as well as bath, aromatherapy, and body products, such as soaps, candles, oils, and perfumes. This plant is also known as “lemon beebrush” and is native to South America, but it was brought to Europe by Spanish explorers. This plant can grow very tall and smells strongly of lemon. While it is growing, the lemon verbena plant enjoys full sunshine, plenty of water, and mild loam soil. It does not do as well in cold weather; it is sensitive and will lose leaves at temperatures under 0 C. However, if covered during the cold, the lemon verbena plant may survive a frost and sprout new leaves during the spring.


Translations: 香水木, الليمون لويزة, Limun vrbena, Zitronenverbene, Lemon cỏ roi ngựa, Лимун Вршена, Citroenverbena, 레몬 버베나, Lemon berbena, नींबू verbena, Cedrón, Вербена лимонна, 柠檬马鞭草, Citron Verbena, Вербена лимонная, Cedrón, Лимон Върбинка



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