Armadillo Fruit


Brown-yellow fruit with soft apricot colored pulp. Somewhat resembles a kiwi in size and shape. It can be eaten fresh or used to make juices.


Other names: Fruta de tatu
Translations: Bruņnesis Augļi, Armadillo Vaisiai, Armadillo Fructe, Voće Armadillo, Cingulata trái cây, Owoce Armadillo, Armadillo फल, Armadillo Frutas, Армадилло фрукты, Armadillo Φρούτα, أرماديلو الفاكهة, 아르마 딜로 과일, Armadillo Ovoce, Armadillo Buah, Armadilyo Fruit, 犰狳水果, Armadillo de fruites, Armadillo Sadje, Armadillo Ovocie, Armadillo di frutta, Armadillo פרי, Armadillo Frukt, Армадило воћа, アルマジロフルーツ, Armadillo fruits, Armadillo Frugt, Armadillo Frukt, Armadillo de frutas, Армаділло фрукти, Armadillo Hedelmät, Броненосци плодове

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, may, november
Peak: january, april, august, september, november


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