Chive Blossoms


Chive blossoms are purple flowers produced by the chive plant. Chive blossoms are unique in that they are lavender in color and grow in a puff-ball shape. A delicate sweet-onion flavor is produced when you bite into it. Great garnish for grilled vegetables, fish or almost any savory dish needing a little pizzaz.


Other names: Chive Flowers
Translations: Maurloku Ziedi, Tuščialaiškis česnakas žiedų, Arpagic Blossoms, Vlasac cvjetovi, Szczypiorek Blossoms, Bieslook Blossoms, प्याज़ फूल, Cebolinha Blossoms, Чив Цветет, Είδος κρεμμυδιού άνθη, معمر الزهور, 골파 벚꽃, Pažitka Blossoms, Lokio Blossoms, 韭菜开花, Cibulet Flors, Drobnjak cvetovi, Pažítka Blossoms, Erba cipollina Blossoms, Chive הניצנים, Gräslök Blossoms, Власац цветови, チブの花, Ciboulette Blossoms, Schnittlauch Blossoms, Purløg Blossoms, Gressløk Blossoms, Cebollino Flores, Чів Цвіте, Ruohosipuli Blossoms, Вид ситен лук Blossoms

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Other herbal flowers

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