Schmidtberger Reinette Apple


The Schmidtberger Reinette Apple, a heritage variety, is a medium sized fruit is green, flushed and striped red with sweet-sharp, aromatic flesh and found November to January.


Translations: Schmidtberger Apple Reinette, Schmidtberger Reinette أبل, Schmidtberger Reineta Apple, Schmidtberger Ренет Apple, Apple Reinette Schmidtberger, SchmidtbergerのReinetteアップル, Schmidtberger의 Reinette 애플, Apple Reinette Schmidtberger, Сцхмидтбергер Реинетте јабука, Schmidtberger Reinette एप्पल, Schmidtberger אפל רנט, Schmidtberger Apple Reinette, Schmidtberger Apple Reinette, 施米特贝格尔Reinette苹果, Schmidtberger Ренет Apple, Schmidtberger Apple Reinette



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