Cattley Guava


Dark red skinned guava, closely related to the common guava, with an excellent strawberry-like flavor. Fruits are small, to 1.5" around, and the pulp is translucent and very juicy. It some varieties, the flesh can taste pleasantly spicy.


Translations: Cattley gvajavi, Cattley gvajavos, Cattley ổi, Cattley अमरूद, Araçá, Кэтли Гуава, Cattley Γκουάβα, Cattley جوافة, Cattley 구아바, Cattley guavový, Cattley Jambu, Cattley bayabas, 卡特利番石榴, Cattley Guayaba, Cattley guava, Cattley guavový, Cattley גויאבה, Цаттлеи Гуава, カトリーグァバ, Cattley Goyave, Cattleya Guayaba, Кетлі Гуава, Cattley гуава



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