Soybean Sprouts


Soybean sprouts are tender edible shoots of germinated soybeans. They are bigger than mung bean sprouts and have a more bean-like flavor.

They are also rich in dietary fiber, protein and vitamin C.


Other names:
Translations: Sojas asni, Sojų daigai, Soia, varză, Sojine klice, Đậu tương sprouts, Kiełki soi, Sojascheuten, सोयाबीन अंकुरित, Rebentos de soja, Ростки сои, Λαχανάκια σόγιας, براعم فول الصويا, 콩 콩나물, Sojová klíčků, Kedelai Sprouts, Toyo Sprouts, 大豆豆芽, Els brots de soja, Sojine klice, Sójová klíčkov, Germogli di soia, סויה נבטים, Сојине клице, 大豆もやし, Germes de soja, Sojasprossen, Soja Spirer, Soyabønner spirer, Los brotes de soja, Паростки сої, Soija Idut, Соевият зеле

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Mung bean sprouts



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