Negroamaro Grapes


Negroamaro means "bitter black" in Italian and the grape lives up to its name. Negroamaro is a dark and spicy grape that blends well with Malvasia Nera. Both Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera are sometimes shipped north to be used in Chianti, up to 10 percent. This does not happen as much today. Negroamaro grows well on a flat peninsula in Puglia called Salento.


Translations: Negroamaro Vīnogas, Negroamaro Vynuogės, Negroamaro Struguri, Grožđe Negroamaro, Negroamaro Nho, Winogrona Negroamaro, Negroamaro druiven, Negroamaro अंगूर, Uvas Negroamaro, Negroamaro виноград, Negroamaro Σταφύλια, العنب Negroamaro, Negroamaro 포도, Negroamaro bobulí, Negroamaro Anggur, Negroamaro mga ubas, Negroamaro葡萄, Negroamaro Raïms, Negroamaro Grozdje, Negroamaro bobúľ, Uve Negroamaro, Negroamaro ענבי, Negroamaro Vindruvor, Негроамаро грожђа, Negroamaroブドウ, Cépages Negroamaro, Negroamaro Trauben, Negroamaro druer, Negroamaro Druer, Negroamaro Uvas, Negroamaro виноград, Negroamaro Viinirypäleet, Negroamaro Грозде



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