Blue Boy Rosemary


The smallest type of Rosemary, this plant has small leaves and small light blue pearls for flowers. It can be used for cooking but this requires a large part of the plant. It grows to between 6 and 12 inches tall.


Translations: ブルーボーイローズマリー, فتى الزرقاء روزماري, Rosemary Blue Boy, Rosemary Boy Blue, Blue Boy Ružmarin, Rosemary Boy Blue, Blue Boy Розмари, 블루 보이 로즈마리, ब्लू लड़के दौनी, כחול רוזמרי בוי, Blue Boy Розмарі, 布卢博伊罗斯玛丽, Blau Chico Romero, Блуе бои Рузмарин, Azul Chico Romero, Синята Момче розмарин



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