Appaloosa Bean


The appaloosa bean takes its name from the appaloosa horse, because they have similar colored markings. They were grown in the Palouse area, New Mexico of southwestern United States as part of many Native American bands. Historically, southwestern Native-Americans were among the bean enthusiasts in the world. Appaloosas are related to pinto beans. Sometimes these beans are called Red Appaloosa; howr bean varieties have also been known to borrow the same titlee New Mexican Appaloosa, which is actually a different variety of bean.


Translations: アパルーサビーン, Appaloosa بقول, Redatelji Bean, Appaloosa 콩, Appaloosa बीन, 阿巴鲁萨豆, Аппалооса Бин, Appaloosa Бийн

Physical Description

It is a small long and narrow dried bean.

Colors: White on one end and dark brown with tan specks or streaks on the other



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