Western Red Carrot


A large tapering carrot, very vigorous grower with excellent colour and flavour. A hardy Australian variety for all districts.Excellent source of beta-carotene (vitamin A) which keeps our eyes healthy. Contains the fiber, calcium pectate, which may lower cholesterol.


Translations: Western Red Burkānu, Western Red morka, Western Red Morcov, Zapadna Crveni mrkva, Western Red Wortel, पश्चिमी लाल गाजर, Cenoura Western Red, Западный Красный Морковь, Western Red Καρότο, الأحمر غرب الجزر, 레드 서양 당근, Západní Červený Carrot, Wortel Merah Barat, Western Red karot, 西部红胡萝卜, Pastanaga vermell occidental, Western Red Korenček, Západné Červený Carrot, Carota rosso occidentale, המערב האדום גזר, Western Red Morot, Западна Црвена мрква, レッド西洋ニンジン, Carotte rouge de l'Ouest, Western Red Gulerod, Zanahoria rojo occidental, Західний червоний Морква, Länsi Red Porkkana, Западните Червен Морков



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