Mission Grapes


Mission grapes were introduced to the United States from Spain, now are grown mainly in California, and are used in the production of various types of alcohol, including dry wine, sweet wine, and brandy.


Translations: Misija Vīnogas, Misija Vynuogės, Misiunea de struguri, Misija Grožđe, Sứ mệnh Nho, Misja winogron, Missie Druiven, मिशन अंगूर, Uvas Missão, Миссия виноград, Αποστολή Σταφύλια, بعثة العنب, 미션 포도나무, Mise bobulí, Misi Anggur, Mission ubas, 团葡萄, Missió Raïms, Misija Grozdje, Misie bobúľ, Missione Uva, המשימה ענבי, Mission Vindruvor, Мисија грожђа, ミッションブドウ, Cépages Mission, Mission Trauben, Mission Druer, Mission Druer, Misión Uvas, Місія виноград, Mission Viinirypäleet, Мисията Грозде



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