Onion Flowers


Onion flowers are a popular food, usually served as an appetizer with a sauce accompanying it to dip the onion in. Onion flowers can be baked or fried, but all types are made of a whole onion that is sliced vertically so that the sections separate from the core as they are cooked-the result is that the onion, when served, resembles a flower with open petals. Onion flowers are most commonly made with Vidalia (sweet) onions.


Other names: Onion Blossom
Translations: Sīpoli Ziedi, Svogūnai Gėlės, Flori de ceapa, Onion Cvijeće, Hành tây Hoa, Cebula Kwiaty, Ui Bloemen, प्याज फूल, Cebola Flores, Лук Цветы, Κρεμμύδι Λουλούδια, البصل الزهور, 양파 꽃, Cibule květin, Bunga Bawang, Sibuyas na Bulaklak, 洋葱花, Ceba Flors, Cvetje Čebula, Cibuľa kvetov, Cipolla Fiori, בצל פרחים, Lök Blommor, Лук Цвеће, オニオンの花, Fleurs d'oignon, Løg Blomster, Onion Blomster, Cebolla Flores, Цибуля Квіти, Sipuli Kukat, Лук Цветя

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