Calrose Rice


A radiation-bred variety of medium-grain rice that was developed in the 1970's in California. It is the most recognized rice in the United States as well as abroad, in fact it accounts for more than 90%% of rice consumed in Guam, Hawaii and other islands. This type of rice holds flavor well and is soft and sticky, making it a good choice for sushi.


Translations: Calrose Rīsi, Calrose Ρύζι, Calrose Ryžiai, Calrose رايس, Calrose Ryža, Цалросе Рајс, カロスライス, Calrose Riža, Calrose Rýže, Gạo Calrose, Calrose רייס, Calrose Beras, 라이스 장관은 Calrose, Calrose चावल, Calrose Райс, Calrose Райс, Calrose大米, Calrose Riisi, Calrose Райс



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