Thome Empire Apple


The Empire Apple is a cross of McIntosh and Red Delicious Apples that was introduced in Geneva, New York in 1966. It has a crisp white flesh that is slightly tart and becomes sweeter as the days get colder and it tastes great fresh or in a dessert.


Translations: Thome imperijos Apple, Thomé Imperiul Apple, Thome carstva Apple, Apple Empire Thome, Thome Rijk Apple, Thome साम्राज्य एप्पल, Thome Apple Império, Том империи Apple, Thome Apple Αυτοκρατορία, ثوم الإمبراطورية أبل, Thome 제국 애플, Thorne říše Apple, Thome Kekaisaran Apple, 托梅苹果帝国, Thome Apple Imperio, Thorne ríše Apple, Thome Impero Apple, Thome אפל האימפריה, Тхоме царство јабука, トーメエンパイアアップル, Apple Empire Thome, Thome Apple Imperi, Том імперії Apple, Thome империя Apple



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