Cienna Grapes


The Cienna is an Australian hybrid red grape first bred in 2000. It is a delicate mix between the Cabernet sauvignon grape and the Spanish Sumoll. They aim was to produce a high quality grape best suited for Australian weather conditions. Today the Cienna Grape is commonly used in producing wine.


Translations: Cienna Vīnogas, Cienna Vynuogės, Struguri Cienna, Cienna Grožđe, Cienna Chùm nho, Winogrona Cienna, Cienna Druiven, Cienna अंगूर, Uvas Cienna, Cienna виноград, Cienna Σταφύλια, Cienna العنب, Cienna 포도, Ciennová Hrozny, Cienna Anggur, Cienna ubas, Cienna葡萄, Raïms Cienna, Cienna Grozdje, Ciennová Hrozno, Cienna Uvaggio, ענבי Cienna, Cienna Druvor, Циенна Грожђе, Ciennaブドウ, Cienna Cépages, Cienna Trauben, Cienna Druer, Cienna Druer, Uvas Cienna, Cienna виноград, Cienna Viinirypäleet, Cienna Гроздето



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