Arcoat Turnip


Ping-pong ball sized roots with white skins and attractive purple crowns which are ideal for eating raw in a mixed salad abd are ready to eat in just 6-12 weeks.


Translations: Arcoat rāceņu, Arcoat Ropė, Arcoat gulie, Arcoat Repa, Arcoat củ cải, Arcoat Rzepa, Arcoat शलजम, Arcoat Nabo, Arcoat репа, Arcoat Γογγύλι, Arcoat اللفت, Arcoat 바보야, Arcoat Vodnice, Arcoat singkamas, Arcoat萝卜, Arcoat nap, Arcoat strniščna repa, Arco Okrúhlica, Arcoat Rapa, Arcoat לפת, Arcoat Rova, Арцоат репе, Arcoatカブ, Arcoat navet, Arcoat Rübe, Arcoat Majroe, Arcoat nepe, Arcoat nabo, Arcoat ріпа, Arcoat Nauris, Arcoat ряпа



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