Bora Saul


A variety of glutenous rice found in Assam, a Northern state in India.


Translations: Μπόρα Saul, Bora Saulė, بورا شاول, Bóra Saul, ボラソール, 보라 사울, Bóra Saul, בורה שאול, Bora Саул, Bora si Saulo, बोरा ने शाऊल, Bora Saül, Bora Саул, 宝来索尔, Бора Савле, Bora Saúl, Бора Саул

Physical Description

Colors: white

Tasting Notes

Flavors: bland, neutral
Mouthfeel: Sticky

Preparation and Use

This rice becomes stickier than other normal rice and used in various snacks, sweets of Assam. Bora Saul's Jolpaan(kind of break fast, light food) is very popular in Assam and it is served in occassion like Bihu, Marriage etc along with milk and Guur(molasses). It is also ground to fine powder and used as the most important ingredients of the most popular sweets of Assam,Pitha.


History: During the Ahom reign in Assam, bora saul with duck-egg was used in constructing buildings because of its sticky quality.



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