Zino Carrot


This plant is often found in the wild in Northern Europe. STEM: Upright, ridged, solid. ROOT: Usually thin tap-root. HAIRS: Stems stiffly hairy. STIPULES: Absent LEAF-STALK: Lower longest, base sheathing stem. BRACTS: 7-13 below head, deeply cut into thin lobes, undivided below flowers. FLOWER STALK: About equaling flower. SEPALS: 5, small. PETALS: 5, notched, unequal on outer flowers. STAMENS: 5 STIGMA: 2, styles short. OVARY: 1, below sepals, 2-celled. SEEDS: 1 per half, not released. The carrot is a popular root vegetable, The soil must be light and free of rocks, roots or weeds. Make sure you cultivate deeply and add peat in the autumn before the planting. The seeds are sown close together and thinned to 3 or 4ins apart. Remember to keep your soil evenly moist but not soaked. You will need to harvest the carrots starting in midsummer and continue on into the autumn.


Translations: Zino Burkānu, Zino morka, Zino Morcov, Zino mrkva, Zino Wortel, Zino गाजर, Zino Cenoura, Zino Морковь, Zino Καρότο, زينو الجزر, 지노 당근, Зино мрква, Zino karot, 季诺胡萝卜, Zino Pastanaga, Zino Korenček, Zino Carota, זינו גזר, Zino Morot, Zino Wortel, ジノキャロット, Zino Gulerod, Zino Zanahoria, Zino Морква, Zino Porkkana, Zino Морков



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