Jackfruit is a very large fruit from southeast Asia with a similar taste to pineapple, but it is not as sweet and juicy. The Jackfruit contains sufficient vitamins and minerals, and is widely eaten with the attempt of fighting cancer, or other diseases.


Translations: Džekfrūti, Duonvaisiai, Fructele arborelui Jack, Mít, Jackfrukt, Jacas, Καρποί, الكاكايا, Јацкфруит, Langka, 菠萝蜜, Jaca, Kruhovec, Jackfruitov, Jackfrukter, Nangka, ジャックフルーツ, Jacquier, Jackfrugter, कटहल, Jaca, Jakkipuun, Плодове от хлебно дърво

Physical Description

The outside of this fruit is very prickly, and once it is cracked open, you will find seeds, or "bulbs" which are edible.

Colors: Green or Yellow

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet, Mild
Mouthfeel: Juicy, Sticky
Food complements: Coconut, Mango, Cardamom, Pineapple, Apple, Brown sugar, Shrimp
Wine complements: Sauvignon blanc, Frascati
Beverage complements: Champagne
Substitutes: Breafruit, Yellow plantains, Durian, Green plantians, Potatoes, Winter melon, Fuzzy gourd, Summer squash, Canned jackfruit, Papaya

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: A ripe Jackfruit should make a hollow sound when patted. The rind should be free of cracks with a slight greenish color.
Procuring: The Jackfruit is typically grown in humid, tropical climates worldwide. Many are grown in Mexico, India and Southeast Asia.

To prepare a Jackfruit, make sure to cut it in half, wipe the gummy substance off of the fruit, remove the core, and cut out the edible bulbs.

Preparation and Use

Recipes made from the Jackfruit include Jackfruit Casserole, Jackfruit Salad, Jackfruit Patties, Chips, Jam and Compote.

This can be eaten while unripe, ripe, raw, or cooked.

Cleaning: Jackfruit will be easier to clean if you cover your hands in vegetable oil. The inside of the fruit is coated with an oily substance which needs to be cleaned prior to eating.

Conserving and Storing

Store in a dark and cool place.


The wood of the Jackfruit is used for musical instruments and furniture.

History: jackfruit is originated in a minute place in Bhutan called Darchung, Pemagatshel hundreds of years ago. mrs thinpel is one who found this fruit. he named it gramlungsey. by lhakdrup



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