Orleans Reinette Apple


Orleans Reinette Apple is a medium-sized, round and flattened apple with yellow-green skin with orange russets. The flesh is white, firm and juicy, and if used in cooking, the slices will hold their shape.


Translations: Ορλεάνη Apple Reinette, Orleanas Reinette Apple, نيو اورليانز Reinette أبل, Orleans Reineta Apple, Ренет Орлеанський Apple, Apple Reinette Orléans, オーリンズReinetteアップル, 오를레앙의 Reinette 애플, Орлеанс Реинетте јабука, Reinette Orleans Apple, Apple Reinette Orleans, Ренет Орлеанский Apple, ऑरलियन्स Reinette एप्पल, אורלינס אפל רנט, Orleans Apple Reinette, Apple Orleans Reinette, 奥尔良Reinette苹果, Apple Reinette Orleans, Apple Orleans Reinette, Орлеан Reinette Apple



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