Razor Russet Apple


A fine flavored apple discovered as a limb mutation of Golden Delicious in the Browning Orchard near Wallingford, KY, by the late W. Armstrong, former Extension Specialist with the University of Kentucky. Introduced in 1970. Fruit is large, symmetrical round to somewhat conical and uniformly golden-brown. Flavor is rich and robust with a little more spiciness than Golden Delicious. Very productive. Ripens late September.


Translations: Valis Russet Apple, Razor roscat Apple, Razor crvenka Apple, Razor mộc mạc Apple, Apple Russet Razor, उस्तरा लाल सा सेब, Razor Apple Russet, Razor Рассет Apple, Ξυράφι Apple Russet, الشائكة راسيت أبل, 면도기의 적갈색 애플, Břitva Červenohnědý Apple, Labaha pulang kayumanggi Apple, 剃刀拉塞特苹果, Navalla Apple Russet, Razor Crvenka Apple, Britva Červenohnedý Apple, התער של אפל אדמדם, Екв Црвенка јабука, レイザーラアップル, Apple Russet Razor, Navaja Apple Russet, Razor Рассет Apple, Razor шаячен Apple



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