Cantal Cheese


Cantal is a firm cheese from the Cantal region of France. It is named after the Cantal mountains in the Auvergne region, where it is from. It is one of the oldest cheeses in France, and dates back to the times of the Gauls. It came to prominence when it was served at the table of Louis XIV of France by the Marchal de Sennecterre. It is a semi-hard cheese that is aged for several months. It has a soft interior with a flavor somewhat reminiscent of cheddar.


Other names: Cantalet, Cantal, Fourme De Cantal
Translations: Cantal Siers, Cantal Sūriai, Cantal Brânză, Cantal sira, Cantal kaas, कैंटल पनीर, Cantal Queijo, Сыр Канталь, Cantal Τυρί, كانتال الجبن, 캉탈 치즈, Cantal Sýry, Cantal Keju, 康塔尔奶酪, Formatge Cantal, Cantal Sir, Cantal Syry, Formaggio Cantal, קנטאל גבינה, Cantal Ost, Сир Кантал, カンタルチーズ, Fromage Cantal, Cantal-Käse, Cantal ost, Queso Cantal, Сир Канталь, Cantal Juusto, Cantal сирене

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Laguiole, Cheshire, Lancashire, Cheddar

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