Bela Badia


A soft cow's milk cheese that comes from South Tyrol and Bruneck (with milk from the mountain farms of Val Pusteria). Characteristics: Height: 8-10 cm, diameter 17 cm, weight 2 kg; shape: circular crust: smooth, thin with no cracks, color straw dough: soft, supple, with barely visible holes, color straw yellow or pale yellow; fat: 50%%; taste: delicate, sweet and creamy. Production: Bring the previously pasteurized milk to about 38-39 degrees, adding lactic mesophili and more termophili calf rennet powder. It then coagulates for 20 minutes. After the breaking of the curd (a size of walnut shell) the mass is purged and placed in the molds. Salting is carried out in brine (18%%) for 15 hours. It matures in 30 days, at an ambient 10 degrees and high humidity.It can mature for up to two months or so, in an environment at 6-8 degrees. the recently introduced local cheese. Ha la caratteristica di contenere una elevata percentuale di fermenti lattici vivi. Has the characteristic of containing a high percentage of live yoghurt.


Translations: ベラバディア, بيلا البادية, Бела Бадиа, 벨라 Badia, בלה Badia, Badia Bela, बेला Badia, Бела Badia, 贝拉巴迪亚, Бела Badia, Белият Badia



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