Red Stripe Leaf Amaranth


This is a fascinating amaranth, often simply called Red Leaf in the market, that produces large green leaves with red stripes in the center. This variety is a vigorously growing vegetable in warm weather. Some people grow this variety as decorative plants as well as leafy vegetable plants. Young leaves and stems can be harvested periodically for a long time during the growth


Translations: Red Stripe Lapu Amarants, Raudona lapų Amaranth, Rosie frunze Amaranth, Màu đỏ sọc lá Dền, Red Stripe Amaranth Leaf, Red Stripe Leaf Amarant, लाल पट्टी का पत्ता ऐमारैंथ, Red Stripe Amaranth Leaf, Красная полоса Амарант Лиф, Red Stripe Amaranth Leaf, أحمر أمارانث ليف الشريط, 레드 스트 라이프 잎 아마란스, Červeným pruhem Listové Amaranth, Red Stripe Amaranth Daun, Red guhit dahon amaranto, 苋菜红条纹叶, Amaranto Vermell Full ratlla, Red Stripe Leaf Amarant, Červeným pruhom Listovej Amaranth, Rosso Amaranto Leaf Stripe, האדום ירבוז העלה פסים, Red Stripe Blad Amaranth, Црвена трака Лист Амарантх, レッドストライプリーフアマランス, Amaranth Red Leaf Stripe, Amaranto Rojo Hoja raya, Червона смуга Амарант Ліф, Червена ивица Амарантът Leaf



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