Perry Russet Apple


The Perry Russet is a variety also known as Malus domestica, and native to the Northeast. This large green juicy apple is excellent for pie baking.


Translations: Perry roscat Apple, Perry crvenka Apple, Perry mộc mạc Apple, Apple Russet Perry, पेरी लाल सा सेब, Perry Apple Russet, Перри Рассет Apple, Perry Apple Russet, بيري راسيت أبل, 페리의 적갈색 애플, Perry Červenohnědý Apple, Perry pulang kayumanggi Apple, 佩里拉塞特苹果, Perry Apple Russet, Perry Crvenka Apple, Perry Červenohnedý Apple, פרי תפוח אדמדם, Пери Црвенка јабука, ペリーラアップル, Apple Russet Perry, Perry Apple Russet, Перрі Рассет Apple, Пери груб Apple



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