Buttercrunch Lettuce


This heirloom lettuce has compact heads with thick, juicy, crisp green leaves tinged in red, and a compact yellow-white heart. It has a mild, buttery flavor and is excellent for salads and garnishes. It is also very tolerant to heat and slow to bolt.

It is a variety of Bibb and was developed to be more heat tolerant than the original Bibb lettuce.


Other names: Butterhead Lettuce, Latuca Sativa
Translations: Buttercrunch salāti, Buttercrunch Salotos, Salată Buttercrunch, Buttercrunch salata, Rau diếp Buttercrunch, Buttercrunch Sałata, Sla Buttercrunch, Buttercrunch लेटिष, Buttercrunch Alface, Buttercrunch Салаты, Buttercrunch Μαρούλι, Buttercrunch خس, Buttercrunch 상추, Buttermilk Salát, Buttercrunch Selada, Buttercrunch litsugas, Buttercrunch生菜, Buttercrunch Enciam, Buttercrunch Solata, Buttermilk Šalát, Buttercrunch Lattuga, Buttercrunch חסה, Buttercrunch Sallat, Буттерцрунцх Зелена салата, Buttercrunchレタス, Buttercrunch laitue, Buttercrunch Kopfsalat, Buttercrunch Salat, Buttercrunch Salat, Buttercrunch Lechuga, Buttercrunch Салати, Buttercrunch Salaatit, Buttercrunch маруля

Physical Description

Similar to the bibb types, this letuce differs in its thick green leaves and small, tight head. Outer leaves are wavy and thick, so the head looks like the outer leaves are close to falling off. The inner leaves and core are tighter and paler in color, sometimes even creamy yellowy green.

Colors: green, dark green, core can be creamy.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: buttery flavor, sweet
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Crunchy, Luscious.
Food complements: Tomato, Other lettuces, Shredded carrots, Avocado
Wine complements: Dry white wine
Substitutes: Bibb lettuce

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november
Choosing: The cores should be tight and crisp. The outer leaves should be green and crisp. No bruising, wrinkling or blemishes. Should look and smell fresh.
Buying: Not at all grocery stores. Look for it at health food stores, upscale grocers, gourmet stores and farmer's markets. Order the seeds on line to grow in a home garden.
Procuring: Domestic crop in the USA. Seeds can be started indoors or in a greenhouse before the end of frosts. Plant outdoors after danger of frost is past. Tolerates heat. Needs ample water. Matures in 55-65 days.

Preparation and Use

Use in salads, on sandwiches and as lettuce wraps.

Cleaning: Remove leaves and wash well with clean, pure water. Dry thoroughly with paper towel or in salad spinner.

Conserving and Storing

Store loosely wrapped in the refrigerator for up to a week.


Domestic US crop

History: Developed by a Cornell University professor in 1963.



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