Washed Russet Apple


A very large russet apple discovered by Conrad Gemmer. This apple's markings and shadings of yellow and bronze russet with patches of clear shiny skin gave it the appearance of having been washed. It has crisp juicy flavorful flesh useful for dessert or culinary purposes.


Translations: Mazgāti Russet Apple, Plauti Russet Apple, Spălate roscat Apple, Pranje crvenka Apple, Rửa mộc mạc Apple, Myte Apple Russet, Gewassen Russet Apple, धोया लाल सा सेब, Apple Russet Lavado, Washed Apple Рассет, Πλένονται Apple Russet, يغسل التفاح راسيت, 씻은 적갈색 애플, Prané Červenohnědý Apple, Russet dicuci Apple, Hugasan pulang kayumanggi Apple, 洗水拉塞特苹果, Apple Russet rentat, Oprana Crvenka Apple, Prané Červenohnedý Apple, Russet Apple Washed, אדמדם הרוס אפל, Tvättade Russet Apple, Опрани Црвенка јабука, ウォッシュドラアップル, Apple Russet Washed, Gewaschen Russet Apple, Vasket Russet Apple, Vasket Russet Apple, Apple Russet lavado, Washed Apple Рассет, Pesty Russet Apple, Измитите шаячен Apple



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