Blue Crab


The Blue Crab has a greyish blue shell and blue claws with red tips. Blue crabs are eaten in various parts of the world including the USA.

They can be boiled or steamed and eaten in the same way as other types of Crab. They are sold raw or cooked in the shell. Popular dishes include Crab Cakes and Crab Imperial.


Other names:
Translations: Blue Krabju, Blue καβούρια, Blue Krabų, الزرقاء كراب, Krab modrý, Плава краба, ワタリガニ, Plava Rak, Krab modrý, Cua xanh, כחולה סרטן, Голубой краб, 블루 크랩, नीले केकड़े, Cangrejo azul, Блакитний краб, 蓝蟹, Blue Krabbe, Blue Kepiting, Cranc blau, Blue раци



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In your description of the blue crab you mention that the tips of the claws are red, that is only true with the female blue crab, the male crab does not have the red tip claws and as a general rule it is the male crab that is the more desirabe to consume because it has more meat, grows larger than the female and some say the males have more flavor. I would not post the picture you posted of the blue crab because it is all females and in most northern states the harvesting of the female has more restrictions to help preserve the population (I'm not familar with the south). The other way to id a female crab is by the underside apron, it has a triangle shape. Post a picture of Jombo Male Crab, that will get blue crab lovers excited.