Black Sapote


Black sapote, also know as black persimmon, is edible fruit pulp that turns from white when unripe to a flavor, color and texture of chocolate pudding when ripe.


Translations: Juodosios Sapote, Negru Sapote, Crno Sapote, Czarny Sapote, Zwarte zapote, Svart Sapote, Black sapote, Черный Сапот, أسود Sapote, 블랙 Sapote, Černá Sapote, 黑萨波特, Zapote negre, Črni sapotovec, Čierna Sapo, Black sapote, שחור Sapote, Svart Sapote, Црна Сапоте, ブラックサポーテ, Black sapote, काले Sapote, Zapote negro, Чорний Сапот, Musta Sapote, Черно Sapote



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